Structure Fires & Small jobs - San Antonio, TX - November 2017 - Connecticut Fire Photographers Association

Crews of the 1st and 2nd battalion worked a scrap metal fire int eh 2300blk of Frio City Rd in the cities Quintana section of the city. Aerial-Platform 11 advised responding units that they had a solid header from the Guadalupe St bridge. Moments later Engine Co 25 checked out with a large scrap bin one fire and advised that they had exposure issues with a decommissioned tanker truck and a decommissioned fire truck. Engine 25 and Engine 12 laid a supply lines to feed the monitors and AP11’s aerial master streams. BC06 held initial command and transferred it over to BC 2-0 after the bulk of the fire was knocked down. Companies on the ticket were EN08, EN12, EN16, EN25, TK08, PL11, M16, MAC07, MOF1, FSO, PIO1, MPU1, BC02, and BC06