The Connecticut Fire Photographers Association was founded in 1975 and reorganized in 1979. Our membership is comprised of men and women, many of whom have direct affiliation with either career or volunteer fire departments within Connecticut and other states. Others are professional and/or amateur photographers who share the mutual feeling that we can achieve "Greater Fire Prevention and Operational Safety Through Photography".

We have had and continue to have the opportunities to assist both career and volunteer fire departments with our documentation of fire and emergency scenes. While some of our photographs depict the devastating effects of fire, our focus is to show the dedication and never-ending danger that firefighters face every time they respond to a call.

The organization also believes that by documenting these incidents, “capturing these events on film” and allowing fire departments access; we can assist the departments by enabling them them to study and critique a scene. When we display our photographs to the public, it is because our members are proud of their work and the work of firefighters around the country.

We currently have over 100 members in the Connecticut Fire Photographers Association with members in Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Michigan, Indiana, Texas, South Carolina, Vermont, and Florida.

Our members are frequently published in professional trade magazine such as Firehouse Magazine, Fire Engineering, Fire Apparatus Journal, The Fire News, and First Responder.

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· To improve that status of fire photography operations in Connecticut.

· To improve the recognition of fire photography operations as an important adjunct and tool in the fire service by municipal fire departments.

· To promote acceptance of organized fire photography units by state and local departments and agencies.

· To encourage and implement the exchange of technical and organizational information among members of the association.

· To foster and promote harmonious relations between municipalities and the media by means of photographic public relations.

· To conduct meetings devoted to the techniques of fire photography in an effort to improve the quality of fire photography in our local fire departments.

· To engage in an educational program for the general public in techniques necessary for adequate fire protection and prevention.

· To assist any publication with the use of photographs taken by association members.