Bio: Ed Harvey’s adventure into photography and particularly fire photography is owed to his father (past police & fire chief) who when Ed was about 12 years old gave him a Polaroid Camera at a drill in Norfolk, CT and told him to “take lots of pictures”. Since then other fatherly photographic advice has included “keep the sun at your back”. At over 40 Ed’s childhood days are starting to finally wane and his photography has taken on a slightly more serious tone. Since 2004 Ed has operated his website . Ed lives in Southwestern Massachusetts which gives him a special jumping off point when it comes to fire buffing allowing him to cover the rural and suburban areas of Connecticut, New York and Western Mass. These regular excursions are mixed with occasional forays into more urban environments such as Waterbury, Hartford, Torrington, Pittsfield, MA and Albany, NY.

As of January 2022, Ed has retired from active firefighting, but continues to buff the region. 

Areas Covered: NW CT, Western Mass. & Eastern NY

Website: Fire Service Photography

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