Bio: I am a photographer from North Central Massachusetts that focuses on emergency service incident photography, railroad photography and everything else I come across. I freelance for local media with any newsworthy happenings I see. I also offer matting and framing of any and all photographs I take.

I was a member of Charlton Fire's on call department from 2001-2009 until I moved to Northern Worcester County. I have/always have had a love for and great respect for police, fire and EMS. I enjoy listening to, capturing and sharing what they do and see everyday.

I am a truck driver by trade but took up photography as a hobby in 2017, and that has quickly turned into an obsession for “The perfect shot”!

In an attempt to better organize my content to accommodate followers and make it easier to view, find and enjoy what you are seeing. I have several different social media accounts and each has its own function.

Facebook: The Kevin Mosio Photography FB page will feature mostly all content, but mostly incident photography in its entirety.

Instagram: Will be mostly all train photography content and video. I do post highlights of incidents or other various photos occasionally.

Twitter: I post some photos occasionally, but mainly used for incident reporting and info.

Youtube: Will mostly contain edited train videos.

Zello: I am new to this app, haven’t done much with it but look forward to utilizing it in the future.

Areas Covered: North Central Massachusetts

Website: kevinmosiophotography.smugmug.com

Zello: Kevin Mosio

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