My interest in all things fire department began as a child watching Emergency! on Saturday nights at 8pm on Connecticut’s Channel 30. I became instantly hooked on fire engines, and would spend hours playing with my Matchbox emergency vehicle models. Today I am an attorney and hold the dual positions of partner in the Meriden law firm of Mahon, Quinn & Mahon, P.C. as well as being the Corporation Counsel for the City of Meriden. In addition to my photography work, I have an extensive model collection and have consulted on various model projects for the now-defunct Code 3 Collectibles; I was responsible for their release of a model of Hartford’s Engine 7 Ferrara pumper. I recently worked with Fire Replicas to produce a model of Meriden CT’s Engine 3, which was released in early 2017 and then quickly sold out. I have been a member of the Connecticut Fire Photographers Association since 2009, and currently serve as their Vice President. In 2010 I founded the Silver City Fire Fest, which is an annual event in Meriden, CT that showcases model emergency vehicle builders and collectors, fire photographers and videographers, and in-service and collector-owned emergency vehicles. The 10th annual Fire Fest is scheduled for July 20, 2019. I am also the President of the Meriden Firefighters Benevolent Society, an Honorary Member of Meriden’s Parker Hose Company No. 3 and am one of two Official Photographers for the Meriden Fire Department. I also hold memberships in the Southern Connecticut Antique Fire Apparatus Collectors Association, Crown Firecoach Enthusiasts, and The Box 52 Club. Please email me for further information on these and any of my other photographs. M1968Q@aol.com

Areas Covered: Meriden, CT for fires; anywhere for fire apparatus

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